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Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City Movie INFO

Release Date:
Rating: 7.9
Directed by
Johannes Roberts
Written by
Johannes Roberts, Dan Aykroyd
Based on
Kaya Scodelario, Robbie Amell, Hannah John-Kamen, Neal McDonough, Donal Logue, Tom Hopper, Avan Jogia, Stephannie Hawkins, Lily Gao, Avaah Blackwell, Marina Mazepa, Nathan Dales, Josh Cruddas, Chad Rook, Janet Porter, Sammy Azero
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

"Welcome to Raccoon City is basically an origins story, so we are witnessing Leon Kennedy's journey," he has said as footage from the film is interspersed. "For the fans, Leon is an action hero, but we wanted to go back to the second original game, where he is a slightly naive and suspicious hero." The director recalled that he did not want the protagonist to look the same as in the title, an idea that he has previously transmitted.

Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City Full Movie Plot Outline

Avan Jogia, who plays Leon, has assured that fans of the game will be happy with the film because it focuses their attention on classic products. "Maybe we will see Leon become the character that the players recognize"; Roberts added. In any case, he will evolve throughout the entire movie, little by little and shaped by the horrible circumstances around him. Fortunately, he will have the support of another important protagonist of the saga, Claire Redfield.

Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City will be released on December 30 in Spanish cinemas. It should be noted that this film is a complete reboot, so it is not linked to the films that were previously recorded. Based mainly on the first two video games, our heroes will be plunged into disaster caused by Umbrella Corporation. Zombies are lurking, will they survive?

Sony Pictures shared a video that focuses on Chris Redfield, one of the leads from the Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City movie. Find out the details in this note!.

Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City hits theaters on December 2 and goes to the beginning of the story, where the secrets of Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City will be explained. The film will focus on how the survivors try to uncover the truth behind the pharmaceutical giant, Umbrella Corporation, which released a virus that turns people into zombies.

The director and writer of the film is Johannes Roberts and as for the cast we have: Kaya Scodelario (Crawl, The Maze Runner, Skins), Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp), Neal McDonough (Arrow, The Flash ), Avan Jogia (Zombieland), Tom Hopper (Black Sails) and Robbie Amell (Code 8, The Duff, Upload).

Now let's focus on Amell, who will be Chris Redfield. Download In the new video published by Sony Pictures, not only does he add the occasional image of what we saw in the trailer, but Amell and the director of the film talk about the character and what his role will be in the story.

Redfield is a hero of the people and will now be part of the Raccoon City Police Force. Faced with all the difficulties and threats that he is going to face, he has an obligation to become someone else: an action hero.

Apparently Sony Pictures will share videos of all the main characters, as this is the second. Yesterday the production company online uploaded the first one starring Kaya Scodelario who will be Claire Redfield, Chris's sister.

If you are a fan of Resident Evil, we assume that you are also excited about the live-action series that Netflix is going to launch in the not too distant future. Directed by Andrew Dabb, the production will be set in the future and will focus on Albert Wesker (played in this series by Lance Reddick) and his teenage daughters. Without confirming what his roles will be in the series, we also have: Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph and Paola Nuñez.

In a world where nothing seems to be to anyone's liking, Sony Pictures revealed a new trailer for the Resident Evil cinematic Full Movie reboot that aims to show the fandom how faithful Welcome to Raccoon City will be to the games that have shaped it.

The trailer is presented by the film's director Johannes Roberts to expose all the similarities it has to Capcom's mythical survival horror, with scenes from the movies and games reflected side by side. However, it is one thing for the sets to be an exact replica and for the film to retain the spirit of the original work, right? That will have to wait and see.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City will be released on November 24 in theaters, and according to the reception that the film has had since the launch of its first trailer and the revelation of its cast, it will not be easy at all. However, I wonder why no one gives the benefit of the doubt to anything anymore. As he said, Roberts his film is also as "dark and dirty" as video games and will be influenced by old school horror tapes like The Exorcist.

This Tuesday the first trailer for the film "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" was released, through the social networks of the production company Sony Pictures.

The film will mark the return of the franchise to theaters, so its fans are waiting for the surprises that are in store. And it will have as protagonists the characters "Leon S. Kennedy", "Chris Redfiel", "Claire Redfield", "Albert Wesker" and "Lisa Trevor".

"Fear is contagious. #ResidentEvil: Welcome to Raccoon City, Watch exclusively in theaters this November 25. Watch the trailer NOW! ”Wrote Sony Pictures on their Twitter account.

It should be noted that the production decided to make a reboot to history and will resume in Raccon City, the place where everything originated. So fans of the series are excited to see how other situations are explored in Resident Evil.

The film will hit Mexican theaters on November 25, while the cast is made up of: Avan Jogia, Robbie Amell, Kaya Scodelario, Tom Hopper, Janna John-Kamen, Neal McDonough and Marina Mazepa.

4 8/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 7.9

Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City Full Movie

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